Twitter-Interview on the situation in Iran "Ahmadinejad is a liar"


The twitter-page of "2hamed". What are the political objectives that you want to reach? Regime-change? Reform?

2hamed: Well we had Regime-Change 30 yrs ago. it's not the ultimate solution. what we want the most is a Reform in our country.

What kind of reforms?

Reform in the way the Gov treats ppl.the way they treat the world,the way they confront religious stuff.we don't want to be forced to do sth

So you are fighting for democracy? Human Rights?

That's one of our purposes.

And your main goal?

The main goal is to reach a better economy then comes the human rights. you know when ppl are hungry what good democracy does?

Why is there so much hate against Ahmadinejad?

Ahhh, where do I start? he offends ppl. he's super superstitious. he knows nothing of economy, he's liar, he thinks he's the only one who knows every thing... the list goes on and on.

What do you expect from Mir-Hossein Mousavi?

Most of all, honesty. we want him to support ppl not the ones around himself. then the other things as everyone expect a president.

Is he able to improve the economy and the economic situation of the people?

When we were at war 20 yrs ago he was the prime minister. he managed things a way that no one felt the pressure of war. yes I think he can.

What's the atmosphere like in the streets of Tehran? Frustration or hope?

Absolutely hope. when we see millions of ppl raising their hands unanimously shout for their right what else can I see but hope.

Are you taking part in any of the demonstrations?

Indeed I am, for example at Monday I was at the gathering in Azadi SQ.

Are you afraid? Do you feel it's dangerous?

When I'm there and I see the crowd No. but here when I see pictures of the dead and wounded, a little. but nothing is gonna stop from attending the demonstrations.

Could the censorship be the beginning of more violence and repression?

More violence is happening right now. what more than killing ppl in the streets?

What you can tell us about yourself? Job, age, male/female, political backround?

i'm 19, student (computer/software), male, no political backgrounds.


Till Schwarze twittered with "2hamed".

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